unit 5 educational exchange language points

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Unit5 Educational exchanges
language points

? Notes: ? 1. a group of 一组 ? A group of students will come to visit our school. ? 有一组学生将会到我们学校参观。

a group of +可数名词复数 are ? A group of sheep ______coming towards us . 有一群羊向我们走来。

? 2. at first 首先,开始 ? At first , I don’t like swimming . ? 开始我并不喜欢游泳。 ? 反义词 : at last 最后,终于

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3. be glad to do sth 乐于做某事 He is very glad to do the job. 他很乐意做这份工作。 I am very glad to see you! 我很高兴见到你!

? 4. learn to do sth 学*做某事 ? This summer holiday, I want to learn to swim. ? 这个暑假,我想学会游泳。 ? He learnt to play computer games when he was seven years old . ? 他七岁就学会了玩电脑游戏。

? 5. The students spend the weekdays studying with Chinese students . ? spend +时间+doing sth ? 花多少时间做某事 ? I spend two hours reading every morning.

? spend +金钱+doing sth ? 花费多少钱去做某事 ? He spent two hundred yuan buying the books. ? 他花了两百块钱来买书了。

? spend +金钱、时间+on sth ? 花费多少时间与金钱来做某事 ? e.g He spent two hundred yuan on the books. ? Tom spends two hours on his homework every day!

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spend +时间、金钱+doing sth spend +时间、金钱+on sth sth cost +金钱 sb pay +金钱+for sth

The book cost me two hundred yuan. 这本书花了我两百元。 I paid two hundred yuan for the book. 我为这本书付了两百元 I spent two hundred yuan on the book cost sb sth Pay… for spend .on sth Spend…in doing

? at the weekend 在周末 ? on weekdays 在工作日

? 6. They tour around Beijing and visit places of interest with their host families. ? 他们环游北京并且和他们的主人参观了 北京的名胜古迹。 ? tour around 环游 ? places of interest 名胜古迹

? 7. It has been a fantastic experience so far. ? 到目前为止,这已经是一次了不起的 经历了。 ? so far 意为“到目前为止”一般用于 完成时 ? e.g I have been to three different countries so far. ? 到目前为止,我已经去了三个不同的 国家了。

? 8.I have learnt a bit of t'ai chi. ? a bit of +抽象名词 小量 ? 9.introduce sth/ sb to sb ? Please let me introduce my friend Tom to you ! ? 请让我向你介绍我的朋友Tom. ? I want to introduce a book to you. ? 我想给你介绍一本书。

? 10. We’ve also tried to paint some pictures ourselves! ? 我们自己也试图绘画。 ? try to do sth 努力尝试做某事

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successful adj. 成功的 success succeed v. 成功做某事 be successful in doing sth succeed in doing sth 成功地做某事 He is successful in doing his business. ? He succeeds in doing his business. ? 他做生意很成功。

? 11. They are teaching me a little Chinese. ? 他们在教我一点点中文。 ? teach sb sth . 教某人某事 ? My father teaches me some history knowledge. ? teach sb how to do sth . ? He teaches me how to play chess. ? 他教我怎么样下棋!

? 12. I haven’t had much success yet, but I will keep trying. ? 我还没有多大的成功,但我会继续 努力。 ? keep doing sth 坚持,继续做某事 ? He kept learning to swim. At last ,he did it. ? 他坚持学游泳,最后,他学会了。

? 13. I plan to keep in touch with them when I return home. ? 在我回家后,我打算和他们保持联系。 ? plan to do sth 计划做某事 ? I plan to visit France this summer holiday. ? 这个暑假我打算去参观法国。

? 14.keep in touch with sb 与某人保持

联系 ? He has left school for years, but he keeps in touch with his teachers . ? 他已经离开学校很多年了,但是他和他 的老师还是保持联系。

? 15. We will see one another soon because they will come over to the UK for the second part of the exchange next month. ? 我们很快会彼此见面的因为下个月作为 交流访问的第二部分,他们会来英国。 ? one another = each other 彼此 ? come over to 过来,从远方来

16.They will come over to the UK ? 从远距离来

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17. I can’t wait ! 我等不及啦! can’t wait to do sth 等不及去做某事 I can’t wait to see the film ! 我等不及看这部电影了!

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